Copper Cable

Our Experts perfectly master the techniques of cabling, connection and certification of copper cables.

Whatever the scope of your needs, we are able to help you.

With our exclusive product [12 CAT6a Brandrex assembled cables] we offer very large size 10Gbits copper deployment solutions. In addition to an aesthetic aspect, CAPCOMM cabling saves you space, a logical and airy solution.

Supply and Installation
Structured, logical and airy wiring
. 1Gbits - 10Gbits - 40Gbits
. CAT6 - CAT6a - CAT7 - CAT8.1
. 12 CAT6a Brandrex assembled cables
. Connection
. ISO certification

Copper Connection

We master all the techniques for connecting the copper cable regardless of the number of pairs. Careful and precise preparation of cables to reach the strands before connection:

. RJ11 - RJ12
. RJ45 [connector and core]
. Headband
. Firm - Slider
. Wrapping

Copper Certification

The copper wiring is checked in 3 steps, which allows you to check the performance of the installation:

Visual control: allows you to check the installation rules, to check the absence of crushing and incorrect radius of curvature, the length of stripping and untwisting, of crossover or pairing, of earthing and identification connectors at both ends.


Electrical control: allows the connection of the connectors to be checked using a static tester (pairing, polarity, continuity, short-circuit, inversions, wiring errors, identification and compliance).


Dynamic control: allows to measure the transmission capacity and to determine if the installation carried out conforms to the desired class. This controller (Certifier - Tester) produces a detailed and precise report guaranteeing the qualification of the installation [Permanent Link].


Our Experts master all the stages of copper certification as well as the operation and reading of the recipe report.

. ISO / IEC 118001 PL2 classEa
. Linkware Fluke Networks

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