CAPCOMM realizes interconnections you need - We guarantee to archive your goals.
CAPCOMM realizes interconnections you need - We guarantee to archive your goals.


Installation - Migration

Installation: integration of small and large quantities of IT equipment [Rack, Cable tray, Switch, Server, Router, Core network, Inverter, Patchpanel, Copper strip, Cable gland ...].

We support you from study to completion:

. Unpacking and waste management
. Racking
. Equipment wiring
. Electrical connection
. Commissioning

Migration: moving IT equipment in any quantity [Switch, Server, Router, Core network, Inverter ...]. A secure and insured logistics transfer. CAPCOMM takes care of everything:

. Wiring audit
. Unwiring of equipment
. Removal of equipment and rails
. Secure move
. Installation in the new rack / room / site
. Identical re-wiring of network and electrical equipment
. Commissioning / service

The physical transfer of your IT equipment of small and large quantity (secure top case), HGV vehicles [and HGV if necessary].


Top flight-case - Insured and Secure


We guarantee you an exemplary and impeccable follow-up.

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