Proximity Gesture

CAPCOMM works in MMR and clean room on Datacenter and local Tertiary IT; where the equipment making up the enterprise information system is located (mainframe computers, servers, storage racks, network and telecommunications equipment, etc.).

Databases are crucial to the functioning of businesses. For this reason, CAPCOMM operates with high levels of security and service in order to ensure the integrity and functioning of the network.

Number one operating provider.

Rack / Computer cabinet:

If your berries are filled with "spaghetti". It's time to contact CAPCOMM. Improperly wired racks damage your equipment.

Less well ventilated and difficult to access your servers and switches overheat. Understanding wiring is almost impossible.

Clean-up by our Experts can be carried out quickly in order to obtain ventilated wiring and facilitate all handling.


Brewing Bay / Concentration:

In addition to the aesthetic aspect, a CAPCOMM structured cabling allows better ventilation therefore a better longevity of your equipment.

Better Yield therefore Better Performance.

Intervention / proximity gesture:

. Installation and removal of equipment
. Reboot equipment
. Copper cord patching and / or optical garter
. Cord, garter and / or equipment labeling
. Maintenance and Assistance
. Computer referencing

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