To allow the main tasks in the data center and ensure proper network connection we offer services covering all your needs for the deployment of a broadband network transport: Fiber Optic LAN Network and Low Currents / or High Current.
We provide solutions to the problems of Datacenter.

CAPCOMM can assist you in your projects.


our experts will help you in the Telecoms professional examination, organization and procedures. Their expertise will help you formalize your project.

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• Response Plan
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Hardware installation Commissioning Rack - Wiring coherent and airy
CAPCOMM installs all types of computer equipment.
The supply to installation, CAPCOMM guarantees a flawless copy and follow.
 • Computer Armoire

• Cable duct
• Server
• Switch
• optical Drawer / Patch Panel
• RJ45 Headband
• Pass cable - fiber
• RJ45 Wiring
• Fiber Optics
• Electricity



We can set up the computer network of your computer room.
The idea is to distribute the network in one or more computer cabinet (Computer Bay).
For added security 2 separate links are still deployed.
CAPCOMM can also repair, improve change where your links already in place (Maintenance).
We are able to offer you the layout of your computer room.



Allowing communications over long distances at very high speeds, fiber optics is one of the key elements of telecommunications.

Our telecom experts have mastered the techniques of fiber cabling, the radii of curvature and the realization of all optical connectors.
Our professional cable installers are also able to produce a copper wire of high quality.
At the forefront of innovation and information technology, CAPCOMM can improve your network with a structured, logical and airy wiring.
Electricians CAPCOMM are true professionals and will answer all your questions.

• Copper cables Ethernet (Fast or Gigabit)
• Optical fibers for inter-site links, inter-building, inter-stage, cross-rooms, or international [jumpers / switches / routers / firewall]
• Electrical Wiring



Each connector installed on a fiber creates a loss. These reflections, or optical efficiency loss (ORL), will damage the laser light sources and also the thus transmitted disrupt data transfer signal.
To reduce losses these connectors are polished to different finishes according to the type of the fiber and the connector. Our Fiber Optics Experts mastered all connection technologies.
Losses obtained are the lowest in the area:

- Hot mounting of all types of optical connectors on the site (LC - SC - ST - FC)

- Welding fiber optic / Fusion Splicing



Whatever type of connection copper (right-cross-Male-Female) our experts have mastered the techniques of implementation of Ethernet connectors (cat5e-cat6-CAT6A-cat7)

• RJ45
• RJ11
• RJ12
• Batten
• Wrappage



If your computer cabinet are filled with "spaghetti" it's time to contact CAPCOMM.

Incorrectly wired Bays damage your machines because they are poorly ventilated;
facilities are difficult to access; and understand the wiring is almost impossible.

A tune by our own experts can be done quickly in order to obtain an aerated wiring and facilitate all manipulations.

 • Creation
• Renovation
• Developing own



In addition to aesthetics, wiring CAPCOMM servers allows better ventilation equipment so you gain longevity in yield and performance;
but the coherence of the wiring can easily find a link on a switch or a drawer and quickly understand the logic wiring.



Visit and on-site expertise

• Wiring Equipment
• Installation of equipment
• Connect the equipment
• Centralization of equipment

CAPCOMM will accompany the study for the realization of your projects



CAPCOMM is able to test all of your links and provides a report recipe go / return your losses optical performance (ENT), and certify your copper interconnects.

• Photometry (optical fiber)
• Reflectometry (long distance fiber)
• Certification of copper (gigabit-10Gigabit)
• Troubleshooting



An end of mission report will be issued after each operation, it consists of the description of the assignment (specifications, response plan, and photos before installation), the course of the mission, the report of recipe testing and pictures. Use this report to map the work done. This document closing the site.

The visit at the end of our task manager transaction remains available to know the progress of the work, provide more information or answer any questions.

CAPCOMM has the means to achieve your goals.


We realize the interconnection you need.


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