Optical Connectors

Each connector mounted on a fiber creates a loss. These reflections, or loss of optical efficiency (ORL), will damage the laser light sources and also disrupt the signal thus transmitted data transfer.


To reduce these losses is polished connector different finishes depending on the type of fiber and connector. Polishing can be done by hand and with a polisher. Our Experts Fiber Optics master all the technical connection.

The losses obtained by CAPCOMM are the lowest in the field.

An optical fiber is a yarn made ​​of glass or thin plastic which has the property of being a conductor of light and is used for data transmission and light. It offers a rate significantly higher than that of coaxial cables, and may be used to support a "broadband" network via which the television, telephone, videoconferencing or computer data as well


Allowing communications over long distances at very high speeds, fiber optics is one of the key elements of telecommunications.

Our telecom technicians have mastered the techniques of fiber cabling, the radii of curvature and the realization of all optical connectors.


The optical fiber fusion splicing or welding

Connection via solder always include preparing the cable to access the fiber optic cabling and allow them. It's policy to allow connection of two fibers by merging with an electric arc.




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