The IT sector is constantly evolving. The multitude of devices and software that enables businesses to be efficient and improve changes very quickly. The mutation of "ways of working" for example in open space with a network available everywhere and all the time; or trading rooms with specific IT requirements; or in major security zones such as gendarmerie, ministries or town halls, ... requires precise and perfect installation at the cutting edge of technology.

Our Experts have a solid and serious experience in the very high speed deployment of many small and very large companies both in Datacenter and in their offices.


Creation and Improvement of your Optical and Copper IT Network.



. Internet
. Phone
. Wireless
. Dect
. MMi / Printer
. UTL / Access control
. VNCA / Visio
. Fax
. Video

We operate in private and / or public establishments and construction sites such as buildings, warehouses, offices, shops and even homes.

We are able to identify and repair a fault on your optical and copper computer network.

We only work inside on closed networks but if your needs are outside we can still refer you to professional and competent companies.

. Installation of infrastructure equipment
. Overhead wiring in false ceiling and / or cable tray and / or cable duct
. Ground wiring in false floor and / or cable tray and / or cable duct

. Installation and removal of computer equipment
. Computer workstation creation

. Physical mixing of equipment in local info and on set


. Clean up computer rack
. Failure location


Our Procedures


. Audit and Analysis
. Expertise of needs and objectives


. Specifications
. Implementation / addressing / evolution plan
. PPSPS and Decennial Insurance
. Offer / Quote and Work Planning

Production :

. Copper and optical wiring (inside false ceiling / floor / trunking)
. Copper and optical patching (computer cabinet)
. Equipment installation (rack, wifi terminal, switch, chute ...)
. Optical and / or copper connection of all types
. Creation of computer socket (RJ45 core faceplate)
. Centralization of equipment
. Test, Measure, Certification and Start-up
. CAPCOMM clean-up

Fencing :

. DTI (Technical Installation File)
. Monitoring and SaV


Our electricians are responsible for the creation, maintenance and modification of electrical installations.

NFC 15-100 standards.


We carry out installations in new buildings, modifications, upgrading, troubleshooting as well as removal of old installations.


CAPCOMM is also specialized in installations comprising circuits operating at low current: telephony, remote monitoring, public address, access control, computer network.

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